Are you:

-Facing an area in personal or professional life that you know is holding you back?

-Fed up with saying you'll work on it tomorrow?

-Ready to finally take a stand and move towards fulfilling your potential?

It's time to jump-start yourself today!

In my work with clients, I have found that a lot of us can get caught up in doing - completing projects, checking items off our to-do lists, trying to keep our heads afloat despite competing demands, keeping up with the kids, dealing with balancing the demands of work and home.

Unfortunately, in the process, we can forget to take a step back to invest in ourselves and our futures.

Hi, I'm Dr. Patricia Thompson.

I’m a licensed psychologist and executive coach who has been successfully working with clients with all sorts of concerns for over fifteen years.

I specialize in using positive psychology to help people achieve more fulfilling careers, deeper relationships, better mental health, and happier lives. I’ve been featured in the media in places such as The Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, INC, Forbes, Time, Business Insider, and others, providing expertise on career, relationships, happiness, and purpose.

My coaching packages are tailored for ambitious professionals who want to move ahead in their careers in a way that capitalizes on their strengths and is aligned with their values.

Topics that we can cover include becoming a more effective leader, building emotional intelligence, applying mindfulness in the workplace, improving productivity, enhancing your resilience, building assertiveness and confidence, and much more.

Taking the time to focus on your development not only enables you to accomplish your goals, it is incredibly empowering, because you are committing to becoming all you can be.

During your 90-minute Jump-Start Session we will:

-Solve one specific problem,

-Review your pre-work questionnaires and three personality assessments so that we can quickly understand your current starting point,

-Clearly define your development goal and what success will look like,

-Explore hurdles that might get in the way of your success,

-Review actionable strategies that will enable you to move forward with confidence.

After the session you will have:

-clarity about how to move forward

-the beginnings of a personalized action plan for accomplishing your goal

-a sense of self-assurance that you have what it takes to get you there

-the ability to follow up with me by email for the next two weeks (unlimited).

90-Minute Jump Start

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule my appointment?

When you purchase your session, you'll have access to my calendar. At that point you can select a time for your appointment.

What does the Jump Start Session process entail?

Once you make your purchase, you will receive three things within 24 hours:

(1) a link to schedule your jump start session.

(2) a link to a personal history questionnaire in which you will provide background about your situation. The more detailed you can be, the better, as it will get me up to speed before our call, so that we can make the most efficient use of our time.

(3) a link to complete three personality measures. This will help me to better understand you, your strengths, and opportunities, and again, will enable us to jump into solution-mode more quickly during our call.

During the call, I will review the personality information with you, and help you to address your specific issue. I will also provide follow-up resources and suggestions that will enable you to move forward with clarity and confidence. Following our call, you will also have unlimited access to me for two weeks, via email.

Can I purchase the Jump Start Session more than once?

Absolutely! If you find yourself in need of coaching more than once, simply purchase the coaching again. But, if you are interested in longer term coaching, a different package would likely be more appropriate.

Your investment:

Inspirational Leadership University Course

"Patricia Thompson’s expertise in leadership development is unparalleled. Her deep knowledge in helping individuals and teams develop their skills, commitment and passion to deliver effective leadership have greatly benefited me and the organizations which I have served. Dr. Thompson is truly someone whom I admire and feel fortunate and honored to have learned from in my growth as a leader."


Healthcare Executive/Chief Information Officer 

21 Day Crash Course In Emotional Intelligence

"This was a really great course. Practical advice, valuable exercises to put the lessons into practice, and so many insights that helped me to discover new things about myself. My relationships have improved as a result of this course, and it's made me a lot more self-aware.

Linda Bair

The Executive Mindfulness Online Course

“As a single mom, my life is incredibly busy and stressful. Between all of my responsibilities at work and at home, I honestly didn’t know if I had time to take a course. But, given how overwhelmed I was feeling, I decided to at least give it a try. I’m so glad I did! Patricia’s lessons are incredibly practical, and they’ve made a huge difference - in my productivity, stress level, and believe it or not, in my confidence to face life’s challenges. I’m also a LOT more present for my son. I can’t recommend this course enough.”

-Cynthia Taylor